General Information

These Sale Terms set out the terms and conditions applying in case of purchase of merchandise through our site

The Gioiello religioso Srl store address is Via della Conciliazione 61, 00193 Rome – Italy.

Every purchase will be carried out under the rules of the Italian Law (DL 206/05 and s.m.i.).

Our collection and use of customer’s personal information will be subject to the terms of the Italian Law (DL 70/03, art. 12), and of the Italian regulations on Privacy Policy (DL 196/03).

Definition of Order

Each order submitted through our site constitutes an offer from a customer to purchase the merchandise from us. When a customer submits an order, he/she also accepts to purchase the merchandise at the price shown according to the Sale Terms here presented.

Gioiello religioso Srl will notify to the Customer the acceptance and confirmation of the order received. Orders are subject to our acceptance and we may, at our discretion, refuse to accept the order, including when:

  • the product is out of stock
  • the customer decides not to use a Credit Card as payment method (Paypal).

Finalizing a contract and acceptance of our Sell Terms and Conditions

Every purchase of merchandise through our site will be considered a final contract as soon as the customer receives confirmation email from Gioiello religioso Srl notifying the acceptance of the order.

Gioiello religioso Srl. will promptly send a receipt of the purchase order to the customer as confirmation email.

Costumers submitting an order through our site will be asked to confirm to have read and accepted these Sale Terms. Therefore, customers would be subjected to the application of these rules in every contract with Gioiello religioso Srl.

Contractual Obligations

Customers should carefully read the present Sell Terms and Conditions before submitting a purchase order. By submitting the order, the costumer certifies full understanding and acceptance of the present Sell Terms and Conditions.

The costumer should save or print a copy of these Sale Terms to keep on file for future reference regarding the order submitted.

Purchase Processing

The costumer purchases a product whose characteristic are described in detail in its relative descriptive and technical online profile, at the price shown, to which the shipping price is added, as specified on our site

Before submitting an order, the online form allows to review the cart and the total price comprehensive of the total cost of the product(s) chosen and the shipping costs.

After having submitted an order, the costumer will receive an email from Gioiello religioso Srl, acknowledging the order received, with a summary of the product(s), the itemized cost with details of applicable tax fees, shipping costs, as well as the payment method chosen by the costumer. The email will include the present Sell Terms and Conditions and information about the Right of Withdrawal and the terms and condition on when it is applicable, as already written on the site

Whenever a customer needs a Fiscal Invoice, data regarding the VAT number as well as the Tax Identification Number should be entered in their specific boxes in the online form.

Prices and Payments

We reserve the right to vary the price of our merchandise at any time. Gioiello religioso Srl, will not alter the price of any merchandise covered by an order after having accepted the order itself.

Customers may pay for an order using one the following payment methods:

  • VISA or MASTERCARD credit card or prepaid card
  • VISA or MASTERCARD or PAYAL debit card.

For information or consulting legal agreements, customers may refer to the website

Shipping and Delivery

The purchased merchandise, together with its relative invoice, will be delivered by a carrier to the shipping address entered by the customer during the online ordering process. For any special need, we invite our customers to contact us at

Gioiello religioso Srl. guarantees the delivery by 21 (TWENTY-ONE) working days from the date we receive confirmation of payment.

As for carrier policy, we inform our customer that, in case of missed delivery due to absence of the recipient at the address given by the customer, the carrier will leave a note and try to deliver a second time. If the recipient were absent also the second time, the purchased merchandise will be returned to the sender (e.g. Gioiello religioso Srl). Gioiello religioso Srl. will not be responsible for missed delivery due to mistakes of the customer in writing the shipping address or due to carrier failures.

Shipping and Delivery time depend on the country to which the merchandise will be shipped to and on the carrier chosen for delivery. For delivery in Italy, Gioiello religioso Srl. uses Poste Vaticane for all merchandise shipping except for fragile goods, which are shipped using Poste Vaticane or another international carrier.

We use customs brokers to clear the goods and dispose of tax and duty practices.

International shipping is available when ordering merchandise from our site The customer can view the countries to which we are able to ship merchandise by visiting the carrier website.

Certificate of Compliance

All merchandise offered for purchase on the website is legally certified to be compliant with the Italian Law (DL 206/2005 artt. 128-135, “Legal Warranty”).

Gioiello religioso Srl will do its best to make sure that all images and descriptions of merchandise posted on the site accurately depict the reality. However, colors may be altered by the different informatic settings used for image viewing. In any case, images are accompanied by a detailed description of each product allowing customers to know its basic characteristics.

The Legal Warranty is reserved to costumers. Therefore, it is applicable only to costumer who purchased through the site, with no relation to any possible business, commercial, craft or any other professional scopes.

The seller is responsible for any merchandise carrying defects of compliance present at the time of delivery. Merchandise delivered should have the characteristics described in their correspondent technical and descriptive profiles on the site

Customers wishing to return for a refund merchandise which is faulty or otherwise damaged when received, or not corresponding to the description on our website, or which develops a fault after reception, they can email us at

Return and/or exchange of merchandise without previous notice is not acceptable.

When customers contact us, we may ask a photograph of the faulty, damaged or non-corresponding merchandise. If a client contacts us to request a refund, we may ask to return the merchandise to us before processing the refund.

It is important to note that we will not process a refund of merchandise purchased online and returned in person without previous notice.

When returning purchased products, we ask to include details on the reason for considering the merchandise to be faulty, damaged or not corresponding to the description on our site.

Once we receive the returned merchandise, we will verify that it is faulty or damaged or not corresponding to the description found on our site Only after the inspection and confirmation processes, we will release a refund to the customer or we will offer a store credit for the amount corresponding to the purchased item(s).

We will usually credit the refund back to the payment card that the customer used to pay for the merchandise within approximately fourteen (14) days from the date that we receive the merchandise.
Please note: in order to receive a refund, the customer will need to provide the correct order number, or information associated with the order to allow us to locate the purchase in our system and provide a refund to the original payment type.

If we examine the merchandise that a customer has returned to us and, in our reasonable opinion, do not consider that it is to be faulty, the customer will not be entitled to a refund. So, we will charge the original payment type, and we will return the merchandise to the customer. This provision does not set-aside customer’ legal rights in this respect.

If a customer would like to exchange merchandise which is faulty, damaged or does not correspond to the description on our site, we suggest to please review the terms of our Returns and Exchanges Policy (detailed below).

Order cancellation or modification

Customers may modify an order or cancel it at any time before it has been processed. To modify an order, we ask to write us an email at Once an order has been already processed, the customer can ask for refund or exchange of merchandise following the terms of our Returns and Exchanges Policy (detailed below).

Right of Cancellation

If a customer is not satisfied with the merchandise ordered, he/she may return it to us for an exchange or a refund. Asking for a refund of merchandise already shipped from us, but not yet received, is also allowed. In agreement to the Italian Law (art. 52 del Codice del Consumo), the costumer has the right to cancel an order without providing reason within fourteen (14) days from the date that the merchandise is physically received. The customer should send the merchandise received back to Gioiello religioso Srl by 15 working days starting from the date of delivery of the merchandise. The customer should inform Gioiello religioso Srl sending a clear statement:

  • by post at Gioiello religioso Srl., Via della Conciliazione 61, 00193, Roma, Italia, or
  • by e-mail at or
  • by sending us a notice on the Customer Service section of the site

Please Note: If a customer contacts us, he/she will still need to return the merchandise without undue delay within 14 days of contacting us. If a customer contacts us to exercise his/her right to cancel we will communicate him/her an acknowledgement of the request, typically by email.

If a customer provides cancellation notice we will refund without undue delay, and not more than 14 days from when we received information of the decision to cancel, all payments received from the customer for the merchandise being returned. This includes the amount of the item(s) purchased but the customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

The customer cannot seek payment of the refund until either we have received the merchandise, or the customer provides proof of having shipped the merchandise back to us, whichever is the earliest.

If a customer has used the items other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the items, he/she is liable for the diminished value and we may reduce the amount of the refund accordingly. We will make the refund to the same payment type the customer used for the initial order, unless we have provided another option and the customer has expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, the customer will not incur in any fees as a result of such refund.

Refunds for Non-Faulty Merchandise

If a customer is not satisfied with any merchandise received, or we have emailed his/her to confirm that an order has been packed but the customer would like to cancel it, the customer may request a refund by:

  • sending the merchandise back to us, at his/her expenses, at Gioiello religioso Srl, Via della Conciliazione 61, 00193, Roma, Italia or
  • sending us an email at

Return/exchange of merchandise purchased online will not be processed without prior notice.

All purchases will be refunded back to the original payment type. Please note, in order to receive a refund, you will need to provide your order number, or information associated with your order to identify your order number, so we can locate the purchase in our system and provide a refund to the original payment type. Please note that, if the merchandise purchased will be returned without receipt of payment or any other proof of payment we will offer a store credit corresponding to the most recent value of the product.


If a customer wishes to exchange merchandise received from us, he/she can do so by sending the merchandise back to us at Gioiello religioso Srl., Via della Conciliazione 61, 00193, Rome, Italy.

If a customer wishes to exchange merchandise which is faulty, damaged or does not correspond to the description on our site, he/she can also email us When a customer calls or email us, we may give the option of emailing or posting to us a photograph of the faulty, damaged or non-corresponding merchandise. If the customer calls or email us to request an exchange, we may ask to return the merchandise to us before we can process the exchange.

Merchandise must be in resalable condition and returned in its original individual packaging where applicable.

When the customer returns the merchandise to us he/she must also include details of the new items that he/she wishes to purchase. Once we receive the returned merchandise, we will process the exchange and send the customer the new merchandise requested. We will waive any applicable shipping and handling charges for replacement merchandise. We will either credit, or take payment from, the payment card used to make the original purchase, if there were any differences between the price of the returned merchandise and the price of the replacement merchandise.


For any claims or concerns any customers can contact us by email at, including any relevant information to allow us to promptly reply and resolve any issue.

Contact Us

For any question or concerns on the present Sale Terms and Conditions please send us an email at or a note at the Customer Service section on the site