Via Crucis wood wall cross

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Via Crucis wood wall cross.

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28 x 16 cm, 52 x 31 cm

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Wood wall cross with 14 panels of the Via Crucis with the Risen Christ in pewter.
The cross is made of natural wood.

The size in cm refers to the height of the cross.


The Via Crucis reconstructs and commemorates the painful path of Christ which starts at the crucifixion on Golgotha.
The spiritual itinerary of the Via Crucis has recently been completed with the introduction of the Via Lucis – which celebrates the glorious mysteries, or the facts of Christ’s life between his Resurrection and Pentecost.
The Stations of the Cross that came to us as traditional are the following:
– Jesus is condemned to death
– Jesus is charged with the cross
– Jesus falls for the first time
– Jesus meets his Mother
– Jesus is helped to carry the cross by Simon of Cyrene
– Saint Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
– Jesus falls for the second time
– Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem
– Jesus falls for the third time
– Jesus is stripped of his clothes
– Jesus is nailed to the cross
– Jesus dies on the cross
– Jesus is taken down from the cross
– The body of Jesus is placed in the tomb