St. Joseph statue

EUR €40,00

Resin hand painted statue.

Dimensions 17 cm


Resin St. Joseph statue.
The statue is hand painted.

Statue’s dimensions expressed in cm x h.


St. Joseph is the husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus.

For this reason, the Church has decided to proclaim St. Joseph as the protector of all fathers, carpenters and dying people.
The biblical texts concerning the Saint prove to be somewhat lacking. The apocryphal texts, however, speak a great deal about it.
Matthew, for example, tells us he was a carpenter, giving us a portrait of a right man who gave his life for a divine project, accepting to take Mary with him, staying close to her – as a faithful husband – and to that Child as a positive and responsible father.

Tradition deduces that he died surrounded by the presence of Mary and Jesus and for this he became the protector of the dying Christian, who faces the transition with the comforts of faith.
The cult of the saint begun in private form in the IX century. Then became general starting from the XV century.
In 1621 Gregory XV declared March 19th as the date for celebrating the Saint and in 1870 Pius IX proclaimed St. Joseph patron of the universal Church.