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San Francis rosary

EUR €25,00

Metal and light wood rodary.

Weight 0.080 kg
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Metal, light and dark wood decorated grains rosary. The cross is hand carved.
The five dozens are separated by 4 wooden TAU.
Upon the cross, San Francis and Pope Francis.

The cross is metal made and has PAX ET BONUM written on its length.

Rosary is sold with a small bag in false leather.


The tau cross is a T-shaped cross all three ends of which are sometimes expanded. It is so called because shaped like the Greek letter tau, which in its upper-case form has the same appearance as Latin and English T.

Another name for the same object is Saint Anthony’s cross or Saint Anthony cross, a name given to it because of its association with Saint Anthony of Egypt.

It is also called a crux commissa, one of the four basic types of iconographic representations of the cross.