Light wood and silver plated rosary

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Light wood and silver plated rosary.

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Wood and silver plated rosary.
The chain is silver plated. The grains are made of wood and are finely carved.
Upon the cross, on one side, there’s the Lord of Divine Mercy. On the other side the Immaculate Conception. The Holy Cross is decorated with grapevines, an important symbol of Christianity.

Rosary’s diameter 6 mm ø.


In Christianity, the vine is a very important symbol: it represents well-being, fruitfulness and blessing. Wine, after all, is present in various episodes, in which it is connected to feelings of joy at parties and alliances.

Turning to the New Testament, the vine becomes a symbol of Jesus himself, the source of true and authentic life. Like a good winemaker, he knows how take care of the fruits of his work. The branches are allegories of believers: if they separate themselves from the vine they dry up and are burned. If instead they remain united to Him, they enjoy the eternal sap and will bear fruit.