the Galleria Aurora webiste offers a wide assortment of religious statues representing Saints, Nativity Scenes, Christ and the Vergin Mary. Statues are available both in its e-commerce and in its shop in Rome – Via della Conciliazione, 61.

Statues are available in in different sizes: after selecting the product you like, choose the needed size.

If you’re looking for a specific products please do not hesitate to contact us by using the specific form in our contact page.

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Virgin with Jesus statue

EUR €40,00

Our Lady of Lourdes resin statue

EUR €40,00

Miraculous statue

EUR €40,00

Baby Jesus of Prague statue

EUR €40,00

Saint Pio statue

EUR €40,00

Saint Anthony statue

EUR €40,00

St. Francis of Assisi statue

EUR €40,00

Saint Jude statue

EUR €40,00

St. Joseph statue

EUR €40,00

Holy Family with young Jesus

EUR €170,00

Holy Family statue

EUR €440,00

Baby Jesus with crib

EUR €520,00

Last Supper wooden statue

Risen Christ statue

EUR €165,00

St. Joseph wooden statue

EUR €75,00EUR €1.150,00

St. Joseph sleeping statue

EUR €35,00

Holy Family icon

EUR €65,00EUR €240,00

St. Patrick wooden statue

EUR €300,00EUR €1.150,00

Our Lady of Peace wooden statue

EUR €75,00EUR €1.150,00

Our Lady of Fatima wooden statue

EUR €75,00EUR €1.150,00

Our Lady of Grace wooden statue

EUR €75,00EUR €1.150,00

Virgin with Jesus by Marioni

Virgin with Jesus by Pattarino

Our Lady of Lourdes statue

EUR €75,00EUR €1.150,00